dinsdag 18 april 2017

donderdag 23 maart 2017

Summer style, in a crazy mushroom way. Custom baby outfit.

Just shipped out this adorable funky toadstool outfit in a 12 months size. Custom order so I really hope they'll like it as much as I do.

Looking for your own custom handmade baby or kids outfit. Just leave me a message or visit my facebook page: Stoffenjunkie


Zonet dit geinige handgemaakte babysetje op de post gedaan. Op verzoek gemaakt voor een jongetje die straks 1 jaar wordt.

Ben je ook op zoek naar een leuk handgemaakt setje kleding voor baby of kind, laat dan hieronder een berichtje achter of op mijn Facebook pagina: Stoffenjunkie

dinsdag 22 november 2016

I finally did it! Cut in to one of my most treasured fabrics.

Most people that sew (and hoard fabrics) like I do have a couple of fabrics that they just can't get to actually use. Cutting in to it is so very final, you can't turn back anymore.

Well I finally managed to go ahead and grab some scissors. Fortunately for me, there's still some fabric left. ;-)

Anyone recognise it?

Interested in one of these adorable harem leggings? Shop here: Stoffenjunkie on Etsy

vrijdag 18 november 2016

Loads of new items, winter collection.

This summer we were renovating our home. It still isn't finished but since we have to wait for the plaster to dry I had some time to sew some more new items for my Etsy shop.

First this adorable panda sweater, very soft on the inside. Your kid will love this one. You can purchase this sweater here: Panda Sweater on Etsy or just send me a message through my Blog.

Now for this amazing digitally printed tigers sweatshirt. It's one of the most beautiful fabrics I've ever bought. There's only enough for a few sweatshirts so don't wait too long: Tigers sweatshirt

Last but not least a very cozy and comfortable harem leggings for boys or girls. We Dutch are a bike riding nation after all. Order your here: Harem leggings with bicycle

maandag 15 augustus 2016

Feeling a bit rebellious

Available for purchase here: Stoffenjunkie on Etsy

After all these "serious" bicycle outfits I made these weeks I just had to do something rebellious. 
Not everone will appreciate this bodysuit but those who do will have a bit of a laugh at least.
Babies will love wearing this one. Not because of the print (they obviously can't yet read) but because of the soft feel of this stretch terry fabric that will keep them warm during colder days.
It's available in the following sizes:
0-3 months (EU 50-56 cm)
3-6 months (EU 62-68 cm)
6-9 months (EU 74-80 cm)
12 months (EU 86-92 cm)
Will be listed in my Etsy shop soon but can also be purchased here, just send me a message (on Facebook) with your Paypal email address. EU price 16,50€ (+ shipping 3,50) and in USD 18.50 (+shipping 4 USD)


Na al die "serieuze" setjes met fiets printjes die ik deze afgelopen weken maakte moest ik nu toch even een beetje opstandig doen. Een mens kan nu eenmaal niet altijd braaf doen. ;-)
Niet iedereen zal dit rompertje kunnen waarderen maar diegene die het wel kunen houden er op zijn minst een glimlach aan over.
Baby's zullen dit rompertje ook graag dragen. Niet vanwege de print die natuurlijk nog niet lezen kunnen maar vanwege de zachter stof waarvan deze gemaakt is, lekkere zachte rekbare badstof en lange mouwen die ze warm houden op de koudere dagen.
Rompertje is verkrijgbaar in onderstaande maten:
* 50-56 cm
* 62-68 cm
* 74-80 cm
* 86-92 cm
Op verzoek ook met alleen vosje zonder tekst te bestellen. Eventueel ook op een effen witte romper mogelijk.
Binnenkort ook via mijn Etsy shop te bestellen, tot die tijd kunt u mij via Facebook een berichtje sturen met uw Paypal e-mailadres, gewenste maat en adres voor de verzending

Prijs 16,50 € (+ verzendkosten 3,50 binnen Europa)

donderdag 7 juli 2016

Enchanted Forest, Unicorns, Gnomes and Frog Prince all in one skirt!!

Last one this week, how about this for color?? Makes up for all the black/white/gray stuff from the past couple of weeks just on it's own right?

When I found this fabric I instantly fell in love and cherished it in my stash for quite a while. The time has come to say goodbye and let a little girl discover the amazing digitally printed cotton while wearing it as a skirt.

Unfortunately, my stash is very limited so if you adore it as much as I do, you shouldn't wait too long. 

Find it in my Etsy shop or leave me a message on Facebook ( http://facebook.com/stoffenjunkie )

I currently have 1 size ready to ship:

Size 4T-5T (European size 104 cm) 22€

The following sizes have a processing time of about a week, I will make them as they are ordered. Please note that the placement of the print on the skirt can vary from skirt to skirt.

3T ----------- (EU size 92 cm) 22€
Sz 6 ---------(EU size 110-116 cm) 25€
Sz 7 ----------(EU size 122-128 cm) 25€
Sz 8 ---------(EU size 134-140 cm) 25€

donderdag 16 juni 2016

In stijl je eerste verjaardag vieren!!

Weer een outfit afgemaakt, ditmaal een korter broekje. Model knickerbocker net onder de knie. Lekker comfortabel van tricot met een boordstof taille.

Ik had helaas stof voor maar 1 van deze broekjes dus op=op!!

Je kunt hem hier vinden: Stoffenjunkie op Etsy